3 Self-Care Services To Trust to a Salon


Self-care can be as simple as five minutes for a quick meditation or as detailed as a spa day. Sometimes all you need is a face mask and a couple of slices of cucumber, but there are self-care services that you should leave to the professionals. Consider adding one of these services as a special treat or part of your regular routine.

Hair Removal

Shaving is fine for every day, but if you’re looking for a longer-term solution, head to your local salon or spa. You can find waxing and epilation services Princeton NJ or wherever you live, by searching Yelp or other review sites. They’ll make sure you’re smooth for weeks, without ingrown hairs or razor rash. Enjoy the feel of silky smooth skin and lighter hair regrowth when you let someone take care of your hair removal.


If shaving your bikini line is awkward, it’s nothing on trying to contort yourself around for a home pedicure. Leave the work to professionals and you’ll be able to relax in a natural position and get better results. Professional pedicures are better at getting rid of dead skin that leaves your feet rough and cracked. You’ll even get a massage while your feet are being pampered.

Hair Lightening

Finally, whether it’s highlights or you want to go completely blonde, lightening your hair at home is never a good idea. Bleach weakens your hair, causing damage and potential breakage. Beyond the damage you can do your hair, lightening your hair at home can lead to a hair nightmare that takes a lot longer to fix. Your hair could wind up a brassy yellow or even have patchy results when you try to take care of it yourself.

Part of self-care is feeling pampered. Letting the pros take care of some things just makes sense and it adds to your own sense of value.


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