3 Reasons To Shop Small and Local


People and politicians everywhere talk all the time about wanting to save and protect small businesses and small business owners. It’s something you hear about often, especially now. Everyone knows that they should support small businesses, but it’s less common to talk about why. It’s taken as gospel truth that small businesses are more deserving, but what do small businesses do for us? The answer is a lot!

Better Products and Services

If you get a bad product or service from a big chain store, probably the best you can hope for is in-store credit. With big businesses, they don’t generally care if one customer has a bad time. Small businesses are a different story. Whether you’re at a hair salon Cedar Park TX or a book shop in Alaska, a small business is more accountable to you, its customer. You get better products and better services because you are more important to that business.

Better Jobs

For this same reason, small businesses tend to offer more to their employees. These are, after all, people who live with them in the community. A small business that treats its employees badly will get a bad reputation quickly. When a small business is doing well, it does right by its employees sooner than a large corporation.

Better Community

All of this translates to a better community for you and your family. Supporting small businesses is one of the best and easiest ways to invest in your own community. Healthy local businesses make for healthy communities and happier people.

These are just three reasons to support small businesses, and three examples of the benefits you will see when small businesses flourish in your town. There are countless more reasons to support small businesses in your town, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shopping small!

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