3 Experience Gift Ideas for Teens


Teenagers are at a tricky age. They are not children anymore, but they’re not fully adults either. Increased responsibility and a rapidly approaching future are constantly pressing in on them, but they can’t drink or smoke. Everything is further complicated by hormones and just plain life. As the parent of one or more teenagers, you may find yourself baffled at times. One area you may be unsure of is gift giving. Sure, you could just give them cash or gift cards for holidays and birthdays, but maybe that seems too impersonal to you. If you want to give your kids something meaningful, an experience is one possibility.

1. A Day of Pampering

Book a day filled with your kids’ favorite spa treatments Norfolk VA. Clear time off your calendar so you can spend it being pampered with them, or purchase a gift certificate to a spa so your kids can plan their own day out.

2. A Day of Educational Fun

You never get too old to visit zoos, aquariums, national parks and museums. You can even get year-long passes so your children can go to these places as often as they want to.

3. A Day of Play

Escape rooms are great fun for those who like to challenge their minds and problem solving skills. Other fun activities you can book in advance include sky diving, rock climbing, laser tag, skating, bowling, paintball, skeet shooting, go-karting and more. Any of these are also good party activities. 

Experiences make such great gifts because they lend themselves to the construction of lifelong memories rather than the buildup of unneeded material possessions. The echoes of laughter and joy of a day spent frolicking with family and friends will last considerably longer than another hunk of plastic, device or knick-knack, and, as a bonus, they take up a lot less physical space. 

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